Euclid Corridor Transportation Project


Public Involvement 

ECTP and the Community

Involving the Community throughout all phases of the project is considered integral to the project's success. To that end, the project team has already held dozens of community meetings and several public meetings with interested parties. Check our schedule of upcoming events to see if there are meetings in your neighborhood.
We are committed to keeping the community well informed of the project's progress and obtaining your feedback which can help us design a better project to meet community needs. Your input helps us better understand what our customers want when they use public transit. The better we understand your needs, the better decisions we can make.

Our Partners in the Community

Whenever possible, we work with and through existing groups to get the word out about the project to the community. These groups include neighborhood associations, non-profit organizations, local development corporations, schools, religious groups and political entities. Check our Links page for further information on many of these groups.

ECTP and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

RTA considers the disability community one of our key stakeholders, especially for new transit initiatives like the Euclid Corridor Project. The Euclid Corridor is highly used by people with disabilities and has the highest wheelchair lift use in the system. Euclid Avenue itself is home to several institutions serving people with disabilities, such as the Cleveland Sight Center, and the Paralyzed Veterans of America. In addition, it serves both the University Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic systems. One of the Maximum Independent Living's apartment complexes for people with mobility impairments, Circle Vista, is also located on Euclid Avenue. To ensure that this community's special needs are met by the project, we have held meetings devoted specifically to ADA issues to discuss wheelchair tie-downs, pedestrian traffic signals, vehicle, roadway, station design, signage, and many other topics.

The GCRTA's ADA subcommittee has acted as our partner in reviewing project plans to ensure compliance, and community needs are met.

Joint Community Planning

To maximize the economic impact of the project and ensure the best possible coordination of land use, we work continuously with the cities of Cleveland and East Cleveland, and the local development corporations operating along the Euclid Corridor. These include:

  • Downtown Cleveland Partnership
  • Playhouse Square Foundation
  • The Quadrangle
  • MidTown Cleveland, Inc.
  • Hough Partners for Progress
  • Fairfax-Renaissance Development Corporation
  • University Circle, Inc.

If you are interested in learning more about the various development plans which relate to the Euclid Corridor area, you may want to take a look at the following plans:

  • Euclid Avenue Rehabilitation Plan (City of East Cleveland)
  • Euclid Avenue Revitalization Plan (Downtown Cleveland Partnership)
  • Cleveland Civic Vision 2000 (City of Cleveland)
  • Cleveland State University Campus & Facilities Master Plan (1995)
  • MidTown 2000: Understanding, Rediscovering and Envisioning Our Community (1998, MidTown Cleveland, Inc.)
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation Campus Master Plan (1998)
  • University Circle Master Plan (1990, University Circle, Inc.)
  • Cleveland Theater District Comprehensive Plan (1997, Playhouse Square Foundation)