Euclid Corridor Transportation Project



Improve Service to GCRTA Customers by Increasing Transit System Efficiency

  • Provide significant travel time savings for transit travelers utilizing the Euclid Avenue.
  • Reduce congestion in and adjacent to the Euclid Corridor by providing a more efficient roadway and bus distribution system.
  • Make rail transit stations along the Eastern portion of the Red Line more convenient and accessible to centers of employment and population.

Promote Concurrent Long-term Economic and Community Development and Growth In and Adjacent to The Euclid Avenue Corridor

  • Focus private economic development activities by instituting policies that encourage investment and development around transit facilities.
  • Provide reliable and regularly scheduled public transportation service to and from destinations along the Euclid Avenue Corridor and in surrounding neighborhoods.

Improve Quality of Life for Those Visiting, Working or Living In The Euclid Avenue Corridor

  • Increase the livability of the pedestrian environment by creating a place for more community activities through improved streetscape, amenities and public safety enhancements.
  • Improve regional access to employment, medical, educational, and cultural centers both in and adjacent to the Euclid Avenue Corridor.
  • Improve regional air quality by replacing diesel buses with clean air vehicles, and reducing traffic congestion