Who It Helps

Once referred to as “Millionaire’s Row,” Euclid Avenue’s wealth was unmatched in the late 19th century and even topped the value of New York’s Fifth Avenue. Today, the Euclid Corridor is experiencing a comeback and returning as a focal point for economic growth.  Helping to drive this surge of financial activity back into the region is the RTA HealthLine.
Over $4.3 billion has already been invested along the route (maybe we should start calling it Billionaire’s Row?) This includes the rehabilitation of old buildings into housing and retail centers, new construction for business startups, plus major expansions of universities, museums and hospitals.  New enterprises like bioscience and tech firms now proudly call Euclid Avenue home and the corridor leads the state in job creation and research. 
Ushering in a new era for Cleveland, the HealthLine is pumping new life into the economy of NE Ohio.

How long does it take to bring a community together?  Roughly 20 minutes (give or take a few years for planning and construction). Cleveland has waited a long time for a link between the hotels, major employers, and venues in Cleveland’s central business district with the cultural institutions, colleges, and hospitals in University Circle.  Finally, the HealthLine unites these two large hubs, in a short 12 minute commute. 
With the influx of people and businesses moving in, communities along the route are flourishing.  Neighborhoods have a new look from streetscape improvements and residents enjoy easy access to all the route’s destinations. The HealthLine allows downtown loft residents working at the Cleveland Clinic to leave their car and parking woes behind, and it gives Case Western Reserve University students a new designated driver for Cleveland nightlife, RTV style. 
Connecting the area with a quick commute and large dose of pride, the HealthLine is pumping new life into the community.

While the HealthLine may only travel Euclid Avenue, its environmental impact can be felt throughout the stratosphere.  You see, the line’s unique vehicles are powered by hybrid technology that combines a clean diesel engine with an electronic transmission. The result is 97% lower particulate emissions and 75% better fuel economy. (With gas prices today, makes you 100% jealous, doesn’t it?)
Euclid Avenue is also home to 1,500 new trees, and for good reason - adult trees absorb roughly 48 pounds of CO2 a year and release enough oxygen to sustain two human beings, all while reducing ozone levels and noise pollution in urban areas. Thanks to the HealthLine, we’re breathing in cleaner and quieter air.
To create even more alternatives to driving, the HealthLine route also features a dedicated bike lane that stretches between CSU and Case Western Reserve University, for those of you who like to get a workout in while you commute (shower not included.)  
Grey on the outside, but green at heart - the HealthLine is pumping new life into the air we breathe.