How It Works - The Stations

Along with hundreds of new trees, the HealthLine route is dotted with 58 stations from Public Square to East Cleveland. Let’s make sure you understand all the different station patterns.

We’ll start in Public Square. Here you'll find a couple of HealthLine stations located on two different sides of the square. Both of these stations are full-service, both for boarding and drop off. There is also an extra platform area located on a third side of the Square. This area is for drop off only.

After leaving Public Square the next stop is East 2nd. From E. 2nd to E. 14th, into the heart of Playhouse Square, there are four HealthLine stations located in the center of Euclid Avenue. All four of these stops are combined stations – which means there is one single station used for both Eastbound and Westbound travel. Boarding the HealthLine at any of these stops means you'll be sharing the same station with people waiting for a ride headed the opposite direction. But don't worry; you're still in the right place. Vehicles will approach these stations from both east and west, just hop on the one heading in your direction.

After we leave the E. 14th station, our next stop will be E. 19th, at the doorstep of Cleveland State University. From E.19th all the way to E. 105th, the stations in this section remain in the middle of Euclid Avenue. But where there used to be one, now there are two - one station serving the Westbound riders and the other for those heading East. When you board the HealthLine from any of these stops, you'll have two stations to choose from depending on which way you’re headed. It’s easy - just look at the station signs to help you choose. Each station is clearly marked Eastbound or Westbound. This section also has a platform at East 100th near the Cleveland Clinic for drop off only.

After E 105th, the next stop is Stokes Blvd, which enters us into the last stretch of the route. Here there are still separate stations for Eastbound and Westbound travel. However, the stations decided to spread out even more and moved from their location in the center of Euclid Avenue out to the curb on opposite sides of the road. At these stops you simply board the vehicle from the side of the road with traffic going the direction you want. Toward the end of this section you’ll find another platform used for drop offs at Beersford Road.

Well that brings us to the end of the HealthLine, at the Louis Stokes Station at Windermere. This big transit hub allows you to transfer to other RTA services, including the Red Line rapid train. Of course you could also stay on the HealthLine and cruise back to Downtown. It's such a fun and fast ride, why not? After all, how else can you get from downtown to University Circle in just twenty minutes?