How It Works - For Riders

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty on how to ride this thing.  Say you go to the station where you want to catch the HealthLine. This, of course, after you’ve safely crossed the street using the crosswalk, right?  The next thing you need to do is pay your fare.  After all, this isn’t some ordinary bus where you pay or swipe your pass after you’re on the vehicle. Oh no, with this sleek, silver people-transporter, you've got to pay before you board. That way we don’t waste any time watching you dig in your pockets for loose change. 

Each station on the route has a fare vending machine where you can buy a HealthLine fare card.  At the fare machine, you can purchase a single trip on the HealthLine, or buy an All-Day pass that lets you ride the HealthLine all day long, as well as the RTA trains and buses.  Whatever you decide to buy, hold on to your receipt or pass as proof of payment.  If you already have an All-Day, 7-Day, or Monthly pass on hand - just insert it into the machine for validation before boarding.

Once you’ve taken care of your fare card and the HealthLine arrives, feel free to board the vehicle from the back door, since there is no longer a need to pay the driver at the front.  You don't need to show the driver your Proof of Payment; however, there will be RTA Fare Enforcement Officers on the vehicles to do random checks.  If you're riding on the HealthLine without Proof of Payment or a valid pass, you could be fined.   After you exit the vehicle, it’ll probably be tempting to jaywalk over to the sidewalk, but please be safe and use the crosswalks.