How It Works - For Drivers

Hi there car driver. Let’s review some rules to make sure everyone drives safe. The HealthLine vehicle lanes are labeled BUS ONLY and the car lanes are called, CARS ONLY. We promise you the HealthLine is bigger and faster than you realize, so it's wise to give it the respect it deserves. Rule one: stay in your CARS ONLY lane.

Next - let's talk traffic lights. The HealthLine has its own unique traffic light with white lines and triangles that tell the vehicle what it should do, and while it may be cool to look at, what's more important for you are the traffic lights directing car lanes. Things may seem a little tricky if you’re in a section of the route where the stations run down the middle of Euclid, because making a left turn off of Euclid will mean you have to cross the path of the HealthLine vehicle - but not to worry. Use the designated left turn lane. When your traffic light gives you the green left arrow, the HealthLine will be told to stay put. Rule 2: Only go when your traffic light says it's okay to go.

Just one more thing to keep in mind. More stations in the middle of the road mean more people crossing the street, which is why RTA built brick-paved crosswalks at all station intersections to help protect our pedestrians. As a driver on Euclid, please do your part to keep everyone safe. Rule 3: Always be on the lookout for people crossing the street and, at intersections, please stop well behind the crosswalk so pedestrians have plenty of room to get by.

That's it. Just three easy rules to driving your car on Euclid Ave. Of course, you can avoid these rules all together if instead of driving next to the HealthLine, you try riding it instead.