How It Works - ADA Compliance

The RTA HealthLine is making it easier to get up and down Euclid Avenue for everyone in our community, including people with disabilities.  For instance, the HealthLine route is totally wheelchair accessible.  The stations have ramps going down to the crosswalk and then out to the sidewalk. And when the vehicle arrives, the vehicle floor lines up perfectly level with the station floor.  We’ve also got you covered at the curbside stations - the vehicle will extend a ramp out to the curb for you (kind of like rolling out the red carpet, except there is no need to dress up).  Once you’re onboard, there are two wheelchair securement areas to ensure you have a safe and comfortable ride.

To assist our sight-impaired community, the stations have tactile pavers that define the station location and platform edges.  Plus all the stations have tactile signage and the crosswalks have both tactile and audio signals.  After all, the goal of the RTA HealthLine isn’t just to move a few riders forward. It’s to move our entire community forward.